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Section 8 Companies, also known as nonprofit or charitable organizations, have objectives beyond profit-making and operate under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. These companies are established to promote social welfare, charity, religion, research, art, commerce, science, sports, education, environmental protection, and various other causes.

Registering a Section 8 Company or NGO online is a straightforward process similar to other company registrations. However, there are distinct advantages to this legal structure. There is no minimum capital requirement, and no stamp duty charges are levied during incorporation. It is important to note that any profits or income generated by such companies are solely utilized for furthering the organization’s objectives, without distributing dividends to its members. The registration process for a Section 8 NGO is completely online, necessitating the submission of all required documents through the MCA portal.

With the expert guidance of top-notch legal consultants, VakilTrust offers a seamless process for Online Section 8 Company registration in India at an affordable price of just ₹. 14990/-

Our streamlined process for registering a Section 8 Company in India involves the following simple steps:

1.      Initiating the application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN).

2.      Selecting a unique and distinctive name for your Company.

3.      Preparing and compiling the necessary forms, documents, Articles of Association (AOA), and Memorandum of Association (MOA) for your Company.

4.      Filing the required e-forms with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

5.      Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation (COI), PAN, TAN, ESIC, and the Section-8 License.

Upon completion, you can easily open a current bank account using the Certificate of Incorporation and commence your business operations.
Furthermore, we provide comprehensive assistance in fulfilling all legal compliance requirements within the specified timelines after your Section 8 NGO registration. This ensures that you can solely focus on your primary objective, which is uplifting society, while we take care of the necessary legal obligations. Additionally, our services include facilitating certifications that enable crowdfunding and grant access to government-aided schemes. You can find all the details of the package provided below.
Please note that the information provided is subject to change based on the latest regulations and requirements.




The Directors and Shareholders of a Section 8 Company acts as Separate Legal Entity meaning, their liabilities in the company are limited to their shareholding.


In a Section 8 NGO registration, it is easier to add or remove Directors or Shareholders. The process is quite easier to execute and the cost associated with it is very nominal.


The best thing about incorporating as Section 8 Company or an NGO is that the company cannot distribute its profit or assets to its members thus ensuring the correct utilization of the fund.


Section 8 Company Registration or NGO Registration Online is done with the main objective to promote sports, animal care, research, education, social welfare, religion, charity, etc., which will ultimately help in the upliftment of the socio-economic welfare of the country.


The Central Government has exempted the Section 8 Company/NGO to have any minimum paid-up capital requirement which means, we can start a Section 8 company with nominal amount.


The Central Government has also exempted the Section 8 Company/NGO to pay any stamp duty charges during its incorporation which ultimately reduces the cost of incorporation exponentially.


Section 8 company/NGO provides voting rights to the shareholders on the basis of the number of shares held by them. Thus, giving ample opportunity to every member to vote in the important decision-making process.


Section 8 Company Registration or NGO Registration in India are cost effective also as there are no stamp duty charges and no minimum capital requirement, as in the case of other companies.


Section 8 Company Registration has a Perpetual License, i.e. it has uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. A Section 8 NGO can continue to work even after the death or departure of any of its members.

Documents required for Section 8 Company Registration

  1. PAN Card of all the proposed directors.
  2. Aadhaar Card of all the proposed directors.
  3. Address Proof (Bank Statement, Electricity bill, telephone Bill). In case of foreign director, Passport is mandatory.
  4. Passport size Photographs of all the proposed directors.
  5. Business Address Proof


  • In case the office is in a rented property Rent agreement & NOC

Pre requirements for Section 8 Company Registration



Minimum Directors

2 (Atleast 1 director shall be resident in India)

Minimum Shareholders


Check Company Name Availability

Our systems will check availability of your Company Name




1. How much time is required for Section 8 company registration?

It takes around 25-30 days to register a Section 8 company with license.

2. What is the minimum capital requirement to start a Section 8 company?

There is no minimum capital requirement for incorporating a Section 8 Company in India. But whatever capital you choose, you must invest the same into company within 2 months.

3. Is only registration of section 8 company sufficient for availing income tax exemption?

No, only registration of section 8 company does not result into income tax exemption. As per section 12AA, an application is to be filed to the Income Tax Commissioner along with the necessary documents. If he is satisfied, the tax exemption can be granted to the company.

4. Can I convert my Section 8 Company into a private limited company?

Yes, you can convert it into a private limited by seeking approval from ROC.

5. Can the promoters of the company become its employees as well?

No, a promoter of a section 8 company can’t become its paid employee.

6. How many branches can be operated by a Section 8 Company?

It can open any number of branches as there is no specific restriction; however it is advised to open in limited numbers.

7. Can a Section 8 Company form a normal subsidiary company?

Yes, it can form a subsidiary company.

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