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The LLP Act, 2008 was introduced in India to establish a business structure that is easy to maintain while offering limited liability to its owners. Unlike traditional partnership firms, LLPs provide the advantage of shielding one partner from the misconduct or negligence of another. This structure also grants limited liability protection to the owners, safeguarding them from the debts of the LLP. Each partner in an LLP enjoys the benefits of limited liability, similar to shareholders in a private limited company, while retaining the right to directly manage the business.

LLP is a relatively new and hassle-free form of business in India. It is a separate legal entity from its partners and can continue its operations even in the event of partner retirement, insolvency, or death.

Experience a seamless and convenient LLP registration process in India with VakilTrust. Our online LLP registration service is available at an affordable price of just Rs. 6490/-. Follow these simple steps to register your LLP:
1.    Preparation of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN): We will assist you in obtaining the necessary DSC and DIN, which are essential for the registration process.
2.    Choosing a Unique Name for your LLP: Select a unique name for your LLP that complies with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
3.    Preparing Forms, Documents, LLP Deed: Our team will guide you in preparing all the required forms, documents, and the LLP Deed, ensuring compliance with legal regulations.
4.    Filing e-forms with MCA: We will handle the submission of e-forms to the MCA on your behalf, streamlining the registration process and ensuring accuracy.
5.    Allotment of LLPIN PAN & TAN: Upon successful registration, you will receive the LLP Identification Number (LLPIN), as well as the Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) for your LLP.

By availing our services, you can save time and effort, as we facilitate a hassle-free LLP registration process, allowing you to focus on your business operations.



A Private Limited Company act as a separate legal entity. This means that all the directors and the shareholders of the company are not liable towards risk and losses.


A company has Perpetual Succession, i.e. undisturbed existence until it is legally dissolved. The functioning of a Private Limited Company will not stop in case of any misfortune happening with its directors or shareholders.


All the workings of such companies are approachable online, i.e., on MCA portal, which grants more this gives more credibility and security to the new customers which in turn help in enlarge the brand recognition.


The Market Credibility of Private Limited Company is Extravagant. All the stakeholders like banks & creditors etc always depends on these companies as compared to any other business structure.


Loans and Advances from the banks are more accessible to operate the business for a Private Limited Company. Hence, the growth and stability is guaranteed.


The borrowing capacity is high-rise Private Limited Companies as it can issue debentures in secured & unsecured form. Deposits from general public are also allowed.


Directors & Shareholders can be easily added or removed. The cost is very budget friendly and only takes a day to get it done.


Private Limited Company get much more tax benefits on the contrary other company structures such as LLP or Proprietorship Firm. Currently Tax@ 22% is applicable on NTI of Companies. Whereas 30% tax rate on LLPs and firms.


A Private Limited Company fascinates more customer as the documentations are completely available at MCA. It rises brand value visibility & credibility as well.

Benefits Of LLP Registration

  •  The Limited Liability Partnership registration online has following benefits:
  • The cost of LLP registration is quite less ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5600.
  • Because partners do not have unlimited liability, they are less exposed to risk. Among other business structures, (company registration online is a safer option as partners’ person assets are not dissolved incase the company go bankrupt.
  • LLPs are easier to manage because the Board of Directors has more authority. in terms of company management shareholders have little power, making them easier to govern.
  • There are no restrictions on transferring or leaving an LLP, so joining and leaving is simple.
  • They have an infinite life span, allowing for perpetual succession. The operation or working of an LLP firm is not dependent on the partners or the management structure. Therefore in case of any change in the management, the working of LLP is not compromised.
  • LPs benefit from a number of tax advantages. They are also exempt from mandatory audits unless their annual rev exceeds 40 lakhs.

Checklist For LLP Registration

  • Here is the checklist that must be completed for a new LLP registration online.
  • No. of Partners: Minimum 2
  •  All designated partners must have a DPIN.
  •  For all designated partners, DSC is required.
  • A unique and meaningful name for online LLP registration.
  • Profit/ Loss ratio must be according to the contribution in the LLP.
  • Proof of Registered Office of LLP like Electricity Bill/ Utility Bill or Mobile Bill.
  • LLP Deed is to be prepared in which all the terms and agreements is to be decided by the Partners.




1. Do we need your Physical presence during LLP Incorporation Process?

No, Limited Liability Partnership Incorporation is a fully online process as all the documents and e-forms are to be filed electronically on MCA Portal.

2. What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

The DSC is an instrument which looks like a pen drive but it is nothing like a pen drive. It enables you to sign the documents electronically. As all documents needed are electronic, directors need a DSC

3. What is the annual cost to run a Limited Liability Partnership?

You can expect an annual expenditure of around Rs.15000 which involves 3 important aspects: Accounting & Auditing.
Annual Compliance & Misc. Compliance expenditure.

4. What is LLP Deed?

LLP Deed is document containing agreement, rules and regulations between the partners and the LLP. LLP agreement mainly consists of Name of the LLP, Date of the agreement and parties of agreement, Partners' contribution and method of contribution, LLP record keeping and bank arrangement, Method of appointment/ Disassociation of partners, etc.

5. What is the minimum & maximum limit of partners in LLP?

For new LLP registration online, a minimum of 2 partners are required. However, there is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners that an LLP can have.

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